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Fraquinho, bonito era ver o ministro no monte  bigsmile bigsmile bigsmile

Esta mota tem tudo pra ter sucesso e parece q está a ir bem lançada, com mto boas criticas alem fronteiras.

No seguimento da viagem de PR7 da Holanda para a Mongólia que eu postei atrás, o rapaz decide fazer uma review a mota depois de 10700km a levar porrada de homem.

Hey everyone!
It’s time for a small update again, this time I wane talk about the bike as many people would like to know how it’s doing.
So at the moment I’m in Almaty and staying at the Freeriders Hostel, it’s a basic place with a bed, a toilet and a huge garage downstairs in the basement. It isn’t much but it’s all I need!

Let me hit you up with some numbers! I left the 1st of juli and at the moment I’m 37 days on the road. I had a rest day in Kiev, Volgograd, Samarkand and 3 days in Dushanbe.
All other day’s have been spend riding. The total distance covered is 10734km and I average about 350km per day.

As the bike goes, It’s holding up pretty nicely. I only experienced some small problems like a broken light bulb, broken speedo cable, I had 2 loose bolts, the bearings of the tripe clamp (head stock bearings) became slack and some small problems with bad fuel.
Driving day in day out on these corrugated roads they reek havoc to most vehicles and so they did to my bike as well. The head stock bearings became slack and I wasn’t able to find a decent repair shop or tools to tighten them up. So I had to continue to drive to the next big town which was far from ideal and worsened the situation. 
In Khoroge I took the triple clamps out and inspected the bearings. They were still intact although they left a mark in the bearings race-way. 
I put the thing back together but the damage to the bearing was already done. 
So I’m gone replace it here in Almaty, probably it’s still possible to reach UB without any problem but I like to do things right so I have the possibility to replace them so I will

Some of you guys were wondering about the sub-frame. Well I check the frame every other day and it’s fine. I know I’m only carrying a small load but it’s fine so far and I don’t expect any problems with it. The combination of Enduristan bags and Motonaut system are working fine, no rack system that can break or bend in a fall. 
As the suspension goes, I adjust the dampening depending on the terrain. It’s easy to adjust and the differences can be huge. I think the suspension is doing a great job!
Keep in mind tough, if you’re a heavy guy and wane bring a lot of stuff with you, you should consider of installing a stronger spring.

As the engine goes, it’s been great. As some of you know in Uzbekistan there is a oil shortage. This results in people selling benzine illegally in the street. 
As it’s not regulated at all and the quality is sketchy to say the least. 
Getting decent quality fuel is difficult or impossible in some places. 
I had to fill up the bike with 80 octane. The engine didn’t like this to much.
When giving full throttle the engine would start knocking. Something which should be avoided at all times as it can destroy the engine.
So I ride as smooth as possible making sure not to stress the engine.

The only time it’s didn’t fire up was when I crossed the border from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan. It didn’t wane run on Idle.
As long as I gave it some throttle the engine did run and I could ride the bike normally.
So I drove the 80km from the border to Dushanbe and there I filled up the bike with 95 octane again. After I did that the bike was running fine again. So it had to be bad fuel.

I’m impressed on how the bike is doing. It tackles the terrain with ease and it’s not much effected by altitude. (Did 130kmh on the Pamir Highway easily)
Just love the bike for me it’s perfect. The seating is good and it’s fine to drive long distances on and off road. It’s light enough for the technical sections and as it looks so far it’s pretty darn reliable.

Parace q a PR7 é do aço!!!  clap


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