Reise Strasse 1250 (boxer)

Actualmente, a única Ventoinha com área reservada lá na garagem.

I just don't run with the crowd!

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While the base bike costs an almost reasonable £12,100 if you get a bit lively with extra options you can soon find yourself piling on an extra grand or two. The bike tested here costs £15,640. It’s an Exclusive (£13,960) which gives it metallic blue paint, keyless ignition, semi-active suspension, GPS mount, cruise control and centrestand.

And it is also adorned with the Comfort pack (£465: chrome exhaust, heated grips, tyre pressure monitors) and Dynamic pack (£910: daytime running lights, two-way quickshifter, smarter aids, LED indicators). BMW’s SOS button is a further £305, bringing this test bike to a fairly hefty £15,640.

Traditional sports-tourers are now few and far between as adventure bikes seem to appeal more to riders wanting to cover big distance in comfort. But for thos wanting something a bit more sporty looking or to take on a track the Kawasaki Z1000SX is hugely popular.

It's more sporty than the RS, but costs just £10k and appeals to those wanting their sports-tourer more on the sporty side.


Já andei a fazer uma configuração lá no configurador e...

Aquilo não vale nadinha.

Mas a mota continua a ter um lugar lá no Covil.

Então, ainda é para este mês? O preço está muito atrativo. E a manutenção BMW funciona em Espanha, sabem o que estão a fazer.


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