Novo Recall para as 300cc - R3 e MT-03

Recall das 300cc da marca, na Austrália, USA, Brasil, Canadá e Reino Unido.
Resto da Europa (incluindo Portugal) estará abrangida?

VINs abrangidos:

YZF-R3A 2015 / 2016 – RH072 – 001001 a 004480
MT03LA 2016 – RH07L – 001001 a 001800

Ou verificar aqui:

Yamaha recalls R3 and MT-03 again


[Imagem: Yamaha-MT-03-masters-of-torque.jpg]

Yamaha has again recalled its MT-03 and R3 learner-approved motorcycles over two new issues regarding the fuel tank and electrics.

It follows a recall in July 2016 over a transmission problem which could cause an engine seizure.

The two new voluntary safety recalls issued through the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission are for the following defects:

1. Engine vibration transmitted to the fuel tank may cause the spot weld of the bracket to break. If it does, fuel could leak.

2. Corrosion of the switch electrical terminals may develop due to water contamination, causing a loss of electrical power and engine stalling.

R3 and MT-03 owners will be contacted by mail and advised to contact their nearest Yamaha dealer to arrange an inspection and repair of the motorcycle.

If the bike has a second or subsequent owner, they may be unknown to Yamaha, so Motorbike Writer publishes all recall notices.

The VIN numbers of affected R3 and MT-03 motorcycles are listed at the end of this article.

In the previous recall over transmission problems, the bikes affected can be identified by their frame numbers:

YZF-R3A 2015 ~ 2016 – RH072 – 001001-004480
MT03LA 2016 – RH07L – 001001-001800

[Imagem: Yamaha-R3.jpg]


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M#rdas feitas na China e afins...
As Yamaha são japonesas!!

Mas os olhos em bico são comuns em ambos...

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Atão mas isto dos recalls não era maleita que só afetava as ventoinhas...? shy

Ah pois é... devil

(07-03-2017 às 23:18)marco.clara Escreveu:  Atão mas isto dos recalls não era maleita que só afetava as ventoinhas...?  shy

Ah pois é...  devil

Afinal os outros estão também a deixar de saber fazer motas... pode ser que assim consigam vender mais...

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