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Admito que nunca tinha ouvido falar desta marca britânica... mas este esboço de um anunciado próximo modelo despertou-me a atenção.

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Hesketh Motorcycles have shared an image on social media purporting to show a new machine that looks to use a three-cylinder supercharged engine!

[Imagem: Screenshot%202019-09-27%20at%2014.27.53....k=vziPcSfe]

HISTORIC British marque Hesketh Motorcycles has revealed a striking new three-cylinder supercharged sportsbike in what appears to be a shift towards a more contemporary, sports-orientated range of offerings.

The as-yet-unnamed motorcycle has been presented in the form of a sketch, where the simple swooping lines and polished detailing show a more contemporary direction amongst more recognisable Hesketh design traits, an approach that has worked well for fellow British firm Triumph.

It's perhaps no coincidence then that the longitudinally-mounted three-cylinder engine that looks very similar (on the computer-generated image) to the 2.3l lump from Triumph’s Rocket 3. The image seems to be a very early design sketch and is lacking a number of key components – rearsets for one are distinctly absent.

What can we expect from the new Hesketh?

One key feature that is clearly visible is a small supercharger, mounted in the void behind the engine. Upfront we have USD forks and calipers that look to have Brembo written on them and rounding out the front end is a neat looking fairing, that wouldn’t look out of place on the Classic TT grid.

The picture comes after a flurry of social media activity for the company, which leads us to believe there are big things to come from Surrey-based outfit. The most recent was a post showing Guy Martin sat astride a Hesketh with his own Rolls Royce Merlin aero-engine sat in front of him. Could this be a clue as to the name of the new motorcycle?

[Imagem: Guy%20hesketh.jpg?itok=j63iPGv_]

No, not the Hesketh Guy!! The Hesketh Merlin?

So, a sports bike from Hesketh. With understated styling and a thumping great three-cylinder, supercharged engine at its heart. We only really have one question…

Where do we sign up?

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