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Apesar de reconhecer a qualidade das motas que têm produzido nos últimos tempos (e da performance e desempenho das mesmas) não sou grande fã do design, sobretudo das Speed e Street Triple. Inexplicavelmente... até gosto do desenho deste protótipo de mota elétrica recentemente dado a conhecer.

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Citar:Triumph's all-electric motorbike is taking shape

Triumph has revealed the latest design sketches for its current pet project, an all-electric two-wheeler developed in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), Integral Powertrain Ltd.’s e-Drive Division, and WMG at the University of Warwick. That’s an arm of the same Williams that currently competes in Formula 1.

The group have reached ‘Phase 2’ of the four-phase development process, which means the powertrain is largely ready to go.

It makes 130kW of power with an unspecified (but probably large) amount of torque, similar to that of the latest Triumph Speed Triple.

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The bike it’s attached to in the sketches is essentially the new Speed Triple too – while these aren’t indicative of a future bike, it would make sense to use an existing machine rather than build something completely new.

Called the TE-1, there is a new twin-spar aluminium frame built for the battery and electric motor, which weighs just ten kilograms.

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“The energy density of this new battery will be a significant step forward from existing technology giving the rider more power, for longer,” said Dyrr Ardash, Senior Commercial Manager, Williams Advanced Engineering.

“WAE has also designed and developed an electronic control unit from the ground up, combining the battery management system with the bike control functions in one package. This is a first for this market, benefiting packaging and integration while optimising performance and range.”

Integral Powertrain worked on combining the motor and inverter into one unit, which helps reduce the volume of space sucked up by the powertrain, as well as ditching extra boxes, mounting features, coolant pipework, and heavy high voltage connections.

According to the press release, Triumph will work alongside the partner organisations to “accelerate joint expertise in the packaging and safety of batteries, optimum electric motor sizing and packaging, the integration of braking systems including regenerative braking, and advanced safety systems.”

The innovation and capabilities developed in these areas will help develop Triumph’s future electric motorcycle strategy.

It’s not clear when one of these future motorbikes will arrive, but we’re hoping it’s not far away.

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