R7 2021

A Fatinha...

Ruth Rita. Queres que te envie um link com movimento?

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PS: espero não ter ofendido ninguém.

Essa é outra.

Confirmada para 2022!

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Será que é desta que o lone deixa de andar de mota? devil

(11-03-2021 às 17:26)Nfilipe Escreveu:  Será que é desta que o lone deixa de andar de mota? devil

Eu nunca andei de mota pá!

I just don't run with the crowd!


Se a vfr já não cheirava a 07, imagino agora  pervert

Vai ser apresentada hoje.

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Citar:The 689cc ‘CP2’ twin is basically the same as the MT-07 version, with an identical peak power of 73.4PS (54kW, 72.4bhp) at 8750rpm. Peak torque of 67Nm (49.4lbft) comes at 6500rpm. While those numbers are unchanged, Yamaha says the R7 has a new ECU specification, plus tweaks to the intake ducts and exhaust and revised injection settings. More significantly, it also runs a reduced secondary reduction ratio to improve acceleration, while the top speed is around 10mph higher thanks to the R7’s improved aerodynamics.

A standard assist-and-slipper clutch helps prevent rear wheel lock-up on downshifts, also reducing lever pressure by a third, and a simple upshift-only quickshifter is an optional extra.

Citar:The shape isn’t just about style, though. As revealed by the R7’s increased top speed over its siblings, it’s aerodynamically efficient. As well as being slippery, the R7 is incredibly slim – narrower than the R125 or R3, despite its larger engine – to keep the frontal area to a minimum.

The 10-spoke wheels are much the same as those on the MT-07, but the R7 wraps its rear in a 190/55-17 tyre – 10mm wider than the naked bike’s 180-section rubber.


Sempre pensei que fossem subir as especificações do motor.

Esta R7 não devia concorrer com a Aprilia RS660? É que a Aprilia extrai 100cv de um bicilindrico mais pequeno. Até a Triumph Trindent está a extrair 85cv se não estou em erro.

Estou para ver os preços desta R7.

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