Pol Tarrés - Curtas Metragens

Duas curtas metragens simplesmente magníficas.

A primeira, "Dominicana"...

Citar:BARCELONA, SPAIN (December 5, 2019)

Pol Tarrés has been part of the Hebo family for two decades. A few years after being crowned the World Trials Champion (2010), Pol decided to follow his heart and fulfil his destiny in the world of Enduro.

“For Hebo, Pol is an integral part of the family and there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate this partnership than this video project. We believed in his skills since day 1 but we wanted the world to see what Pol is capable of doing on two wheels when given the complete freedom. And “Dominicana” is just a trailer of what Pol can do and how he is taking the sport to the next level.” -

An amazing video about Caribbean culture and dreamy riding locations.

Pol Tarrés (26 years old), was named 2018 Superenduro’s “Rookie of the Year” and the following year he managed to secure a top 5 place at the last round of the WESS series in Germany, considered the hardest enduro series in the World. In a very short time he has attracted a lot of attention with the riding skills never seen before that are helping reinvent the sport and inspire the younger generations in the Enduro world

“Freestyle enduro” is now a reality; a perfect mix of bmx, trials & moto. His trials technique and vision is leading the sport to a new era that holds no boundaries.

“Dominicana” is the latest addition to the film series “Beyond the Wheels” directed by the Echevarria brothers and produced by THE WHO Project. The film series is all about people who have a passion for wheels and are redefining the boundaries in their respective categories. Dominicana is about a guy, driven by his passion to push the boundaries, who takes on the streets of Dominican Republic and makes them his playground.

Welcome to the TarresStyle Show, Welcome to Dominicana!

Create, Inspire, Enjoy the ride with us!!!

A segunda, "The Seeker"...

Citar:BARCELONA, SPAIN (July 31, 2020)

After the success of the Dominicana video last winter, The Who crew are more than excited to present The Seeker, a new short movie about motorcycles, dreamy locations and impossible tricks by the giant Pol Tarrés.

The Seeker in another short film directed by the Echevarria Brothers (THE WHO) and presented by Kriega, the very best possible luggage options for motorcyclists (www.kreiga.com) and RDX, motorcycle goggles designed in Australia. The Seeker is the fourth episode of the Beyond the Wheels motorcycle series and supported by many other brands that believe in the project since the very beginning.

It’s no secret that Pol Tarrés and The Who are such a great team and they love the big challenges. Creativity flows when they are together. Thinking “out the box” is a standard that moves the crew since they meet each other. I remember this words from Pol before having the bike in his hands: “ Javi, trust me, people have no idea what I’m capable of on the Teneré 700. It will be mind blowing for them”.

Thanks to Yamaha, with the introduction of those lighter Adventure motorcycles like the Teneré 700, we open our eyes and see the endless opportunities that Adventure riding could be for us and what could be in the future. It’s true that Pol has amazing skills from trials and extreme enduro like no other but inspiring and dreaming has always define us. Because we are all dreamers, this short film is a tribute to all of those who dream, too.

The Seeker is about getting to nowhere investigating miles into the unknown. No rules, no destination but learning about yourself on the journey. Then you probably find where your limits are.

Ride today because future is uncertain. THE SEEKER.

Create, Inspire, Enjoy the ride with us!!!


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