MV Agusta ADV 550 e 950

MV CEO Timur Sardarov confirmou a produção de dois novos modelos adventure, uma 550 e uma 950, o projecto “Lucky Explorer Project” 5.5 e 9.5.
O 930cc triple com 123hp e 98nm de torque é capaz de ser interessante para touring e uns trilhos leves, com jantes/18/21 não deve passar mal apesar do peso.

"New information has been revealed, including details and timing of MV Agusta’s inaugural entry into the adventure bike market, via an exclusive interview with MV CEO Timur Sardarov, published by the UK’s MCN.

It was back in November 2021 when we first reported on the storied Italian brand’s intention to bring both 550cc and 950cc adventure models to market after it showed off two promising prototypes at the EICMA show in Milan.
The two bikes, part of the company’s “Lucky Explorer Project,” are dubbed simply the 9.5 and 5.5, and wear livery that harkens back to parent company Cagiva’s glory days of racing when its Lucky Explorer branded Paris-Dakar Elefant bikes raced across the African desert, twice winning the famous rally.

Now, according to Sardarov, the two models are well on their way to production — and represent just a sampling of future Lucky Explorer adventure bikes, including six prototypes currently undergoing extensive testing.
The Lucky Explorer 5.5, which will debut in production form at the 2022 EICMA show in Milan, is powered by a liquid-cooled parallel twin developed in partnership with the Chinese brand QJMotor. It’s said to deliver 47.6 hp and 37.62 ft-lbs of torque after undergoing refinements by MV’s engineers to enrich its torque curve and smoothen delivery at all revs, as well as give it more of a “V-twin” sound. “We want to be best in class in terms of torque,” R&D Director, Brian Gillen, is quoted as saying, explaining that a 270° crankshaft firing order will not only offer a distinct sound, it will also reduce vibration.
Although MV Agusta mentioned that the specs could change before these bikes go to production, the 5.5 in its current form is a more road-focused adventure bike riding on 19”/17” wheels and using a KYB inverted hydraulic fork with 5.3-inches (135mm) of suspension travel. This new player is projected to weigh a not-so-light 484 lbs dry, and seems targeted toward bikes like Honda’s CB500X.
The 5.5 is expected to feature a TFT dash, but won’t have some of the sophisticated electronics MV’s CEO says will be available on future versions of the larger model, which contributes to its projected price point of €7000 – €8000.
Sardarov says the first 9.5 adventure bike will be a base model, a new strategy for MV Agusta, which typically presents the highest spec version — often a limited edition — of a new bike first, then follows up with a median version. “We wanted to avoid that when launching this because it’s an adventure product and we wanted to work like other companies – where you produce a simplified version first and then you grow into a more advanced bike.”
Meaning we might have to wait for goodies like lean-sensitive ABS and the Tiptronic gearbox Sardarov insinuated is being considered, which lets you switch between manual to automatic shifting, a feature that could make MV’s 9.5 competitive with Honda’s Africa Twin, with its optional DCT setup.

It’s this larger machine that MV is pointing at for off-road adventuring, equipping it with longer travel suspension (8.7” front/8.3” rear) and dirt-friendly 21”/18” spoked wheels. “[It] is very much going to be a Lucky Explorer working machine that focuses more on off-road, rather than on-road,” added Sardarov. The powerplant will be an all-new 930cc triple, developed by MV Agusta specifically for this model, delivering 123 hp and 75.2 ft lbs of torque.
The 9.5’s suite of electronics will be accessed via a 7” TFT panel, featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Radar controlled cruise control has also been teased, but in reference to a future street-biased version of the 9.5. “The on-road version will come later in the year,” Sardarov told MCN. “It will have more options, have a bit more luxury and will be a bit more expensive.”

The 9.5 will also mark another milestone for MV Agusta, becoming the first “from scratch” motorcycle — including an all-new engine — to be developed by the Italian maker in 12 years.
Both Lucky Explorer adventure bikes take inspiration from its parent company’s rally-winning Cagiva Elefant. And yes, you might have noticed the styling on Ducati’s DesertX also plays on Cagiva’s Lucky Explorer heritage, a move that seems to irk the current boss at MV. “Back in the day, Ducati was a part of the Cagiva Group and Lucky Explorer was using Ducati engines,” he explains, adding that Ducati should “choose their own path – not try and blend into something that does not belong to them.”

The first models are expected to launch as soon as next year. According to MV’s CEO, the 5.5 will hit the market first, with availability in early 2023, while production of the 9.5 will begin next April. "


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