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Citar:Damon Motorcycles Hypersport Electric Motorcycle To Hit Roads In Mid-2020

Official unveiling coming in January 2020.

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If Intermot and EICMA are the motorcycle world’s equivalent of the holiday season, then CES is quickly becoming equivalent to Valentine’s Day. It’s a bright spot in an otherwise dreary winter when a bunch of the country can collectively see our breath, and also revel in the teeny icicles forming in our noses and eyelashes.

Remember Damon Motorcycles and its ambitious plans for making motorcycling safer with tech? The Canadian startup just announced that it’s unveiling its first-ever full motorcycle to the public at CES 2020 on January 7. The Damon Hypersport is a completely electric and 4G-connected motorcycle that will showcase two totally new Damon active electronic safety systems for riders.

CoPilot is the name Damon has given its 360-degree sensor and AI system. The company claims it can detect speed, direction, and velocity of up to 64 moving objects around motorcycles equipped with it. If CoPilot detects something, it communicates this to the rider via haptic feedback in your grips. Additionally, blind spot and rear collision alerts blink away as LEDs on the edges of your windscreen.

Meanwhile, Damon’s adjustable ergonomics system, called Shift, will allow riders to immediately adjust their ergonomics while in motion. The company says riders can simply push a button to electronically switch between aggressive supersport, upright commuter, and comfortable sport-touring modes. Your windscreen, saddle, footpegs, and handlebars will then adjust to suit each mode accordingly.

Possibly the most interesting bit of news for electric motorcycle fans is that Damon has hired electric motorcycle veteran and Alta Motors founder Derek Dorresteyn as its COO.

“For electric motorcycles to go mainstream, they have to outperform their ICE counterparts,” Dorresteyn said in a statement. “By marrying all-electric high performance with rider aids like CoPilot and Shift, Damon will redefine the motorcycling experience.”

Official specs should be unveiled at the same time the Damon Hypersport shows its face, on January 7, 2020, at CES. Additionally, Damon currently estimates that these bikes will officially roll out for sale to the public sometime in the middle of 2020. No word on pricing or availability, of course, but it’s early days yet.

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Citar:Damon Motorcycles Wants To Make Motorcycling Safer With Tech

Canadian tech startup Damon recently secured $2.5 million in funding and wants to reduce moto fatalities to zero on bikes using its tech by 2030.

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Damon Motorcycles co-founder Jay Giraud has been a motorcyclist for most of his adult life. As a rider, he found he was having more close calls than was comfortable. For that reason, combining his moto love and experience with his transportation, technology, and startup background was math that just made sense.

After securing $2.5 million in funding from angel investors, Damon Motorcycles is developing a prototype electric motorcycle outfitted with cameras, radar, and sensors that give the rider a 360-degree view of everything that’s going on around the bike. According to Damon, its Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles operates by tracking direction, velocity, and speed to anticipate where up to 64 objects at a time—whether they’re other vehicles or something else entirely—are going to be. That information should allow riders to make safer and quicker adjustments as needed.

Lights and haptic feedback through the handlebars notify the rider that danger is imminent, according to Global News. Damon doesn’t want to stop there, though—instead, it wants to store data gathered from any and every bike outfitted with a Damon system in the company’s cloud. Dreaming bigger, it wants the entire system of bikes to learn from riders about the daily intersections and situations they encounter—weaving a gigantic web of safety data that the company hopes will eventually improve rider safety.

The idea is intriguing, and perhaps it’s too early to ask questions about data privacy concerns—but as with every piece of connected tech (hello Alexa, I am totally talking about you), it’s important to understand and be able to make informed choices about how data collected from you, the user, is itself used.

Global News also mentioned that Damon is currently in talks with some US police departments regarding retrofitting this sensor technology to existing fleet motorcycles in the future—but the tech is still in development, and no official release dates have been announced.

According to the Globe and Mail, as of April 2019, Damon planned to try to raise another $3 million in capital via SeedInvest to add to their existing $2.5 million in funding. So far, no listing is currently active on SeedInvest, so it’s not clear how this plan has changed and what any change might mean. As Canada Moto Guide pointed out, no one is hoping for another Skully debacle, so here’s hoping this tech hits a sweet spot of practicality and usability for both fleets and individual motorcyclists.

If you’re interested in checking Damon Motorcycles’ AMWS system out for yourself, tech news website TechCrunch is hosting its annual TechCrunch Sessions event on July 10, 2019 in San Jose, CA—and Damon is currently scheduled to do a demo.

Interestingly, Erik Buell currently sits on the advisory board of Damon Motorcycles — and he’ll also be at the TC event with another company of his, EV bicycle startup Fuell.
Source: Global News

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